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Working as a graphic designer for twenty years has given me the opportunity to utilize my skills in publishing, signage, marketing and web-design. I have an overwhelming desire to work and grow in the ever-changing field of trends and technology. As a designer my focus is to remain current with the software tools, and to keep myself current with the ever changing trends in design. For the past three years I have worked as a consultant to broaden my capabilities as a stronger well-rounded designer. 


siteIn this competitive marketplace, choosing a graphic designer is challenging.  A versatile designer must have the ability to see the scope of a project from it’s infancy to it’s conclusion. Every client requires a different set of goals. From print, to web, from advertising to marketing; whether a ¼ page ad or a published manuscript, I approach every single project with the inspired creative enthusiasm that will enable my clients achieve their goals. The ability to visually communicate ideas is the essence of a designer and I believe the foundation of a cohesive vision.


Recent Work

Digital Sales Advertisement

Web Graphics

When designing for the web, taking advantage of eye catching brilliant colors without the worry of press checks and color matching removes any limitations that existed in print design. Working on the fly and experimenting using color has a cost effectiveness with graphics in the digital space.


Catalog Layout


Enjoying new assignments and challenges is my favorite part about being a designer. This project is a typical request “layout our new catalog” and usually falls under production work. As I worked closely with the art director to ensure the content in their catalog was clear and consistent, I was giving creative freedom to explore new ideas to change the presention to their catalog.